Rollen und Gleiter

Rollers and Sliders

Rollers and sliders allow for a smooth showering experience. The rollers
support the weight of the door and glide easily along the guide rails. Sliders
on the underside of the door provide stability and prevent wobbling. This
combination ensures safe and silent opening and closing, prevents splashing
and provides comfort. Regular cleaning and maintenance as well as easy
replacement of defective parts maintain the functionality and longevity of
the shower enclosure.

Fill below for the marked article number of your shower enclosure (orange, 6 digits)

and the change status (orange, 3 digits), which are parts of your ID number.

Regardless, you can filter according to your glass thickness.

Example: DT0012.C91.317.000.001.Xc6m

Where can I find the identification number?