Horizontal seals

Drip deflector strip

The lower plastic sealing, called the drip deflector strip, keeps the water inside the shower enclosure. The lip aligned to the floor is made of soft high-quality plastic, so the door can be opened easily even after frequent use. The bar, aligned at a 45 degree angle, guides the water off the glass into the shower area. Our drip deflector strips are available for all shower enclosures with a glass thickness of 6mm or 8mm. The sealings can be ordered either directly in the appropriate length, or alternatively, in a cost-effective universal length. You can shorten these to the correct length using simple means, e.g. rose shears, cutter or pocket hack saw. 


Tip: Replace calcified or discolored sealing very easily. Simply pull off the sealing and fit the new drip deflector strip after carefully cleaning the glass. Done. 

Drip deflector

The drip deflector strip serves as an additional water stopper and is installed onto the shower tray or floor and then sealed. This increases the leak proofness of the shower enclosure. When installing a drip deflector strip, please make sure that the floor is free of water and dust. The scope of delivery includes double-sided adhesive pads for positioning – the final sealing is done with silicone.  


Tip: For an even better silicone joint, use our HÜPPE joint smoother. This tool helps really everyone to achieve a perfect finish.