Select+ Shower Board, geklemmt, Farbe: weiß

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Suitable for the following series

Select+ 4-Eck Seitenwand alleinstehend, 6mm

Select+ 4-Eck Seitenwand alleinstehend, 8mm

SolvaPro rahmenlos 4-Eck Seitenwand alleinstehend

Design pure 4-Eck Seitenwand alleinstehend

Good to know!

How do I determine the glass thickness of my shower enclosure?

So many coins correspond to 6 mm glass thickness:

3 x 5 cents

3 x 10 cents

2 x 20 cents

So many coins correspond to 8 mm glass thickness:

4 x 5 cents

4 x 10 cents

3 x 20 cents